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Tell Your Story

Whether you are a non profit organization, a corporation or an individual who has made a difference, we’d love to hear your story about how volunteering has impacted you! Tell us what ‘SPARKED’ you about the experience and made you feel good. It will help others to see how great volunteering can be too! You can submit a written story, a photo or a video!

Please note:

  • To submit a story you must join SPARK Ontario
  • The story must be tied to an organization already on the system. If the organization you want to tell a story about is not there, please let them know about SPARK!
  • Organizations will be notified that you have submitted a story about them
Helping others can lead to personal growth

Helping others can lead to personal growth

Supporting women in their healing journey

Turning a volunteering passion into a career

Turning a volunteering passion into a career

Volunteering has helped me cope with what I was going through in my life, and now it’s evolved into what I want to do as a career.

Child and Youth Worker

The biggest impact i made was getting adolescents who either left or got passed out of schools for mental health and behavioral problems' get reintergraded back into their school s...

Video Content Creator

My work has been appreciated by the internal team since day one and I am happy that I can contribute my knowledge which is beneficial for other people.

My Letters and Smiles Experience

My Letters and Smiles Experience

My volunteering experience at an anime club

I learned that working together as a team is very important and each member has an important part to play.

My Mentality

Like I said I don't have any volunteering experience. But if you give me one opportunity, I will try to do the best I can.