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Volunteer Management Spark Plugs

Orientation and training can help new volunteers feel energized about your cause! Check out this recent blog post on Classy.org for tips on giving volunteers the tools they need to suceed.

Want to kickstart new ways to mobilize large numbers of volunteers for your cause? Take a look at the four factors in this article that can help you succeed!

This article, revived from the NPQ archives, challenges nonprofits to think more about social inclusion when engaging volunteers. Check out the Key Questions section to see how your organization measures up!

Want to stay up to date on Ontario's accessibility laws? Take a look at the resources the Ontario Nonprofit Network has gathered to help nonprofits understand how to support persons with disabilities.

Hosting a community event or festival? 

The Accessibility Directorate of Ontario has published a new booklet titled, “Planning Accessible Events: So Everyone Feels Welcome.”  It includes information on no-cost or low-cost actions that can help reduce barriers for people with disabilities and make events more inclusive!

Getting to know the unique strengths and talents of their volunteers has been the key to sucess for Braille Institute San Diego. Find out what else they do to keep volunteers feeling the SPARK!

Support the impact volunteers want to make at your organization by ensuring staff understand how they make a difference. This article shares some great tips to help get staff excited about volunteer involvement.

Talk about multitasking! Check out this infographic that describes the 15 Roles that Volunteer Managers Play.

VolunteerSpot created a great e-book about Volunteer Recognition. Have a look at it here

Volunteer recognition done cheap & cheerful by Volunteer Alberta. Check it out here