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Non-Profit Spark Plugs

Funded by the Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade, SPARK is an online platform that aggregates volunteering opportunities across the province. Its vision is to motivate, inspire and celebrate volunteering in Ontario. It’s something new on the landscape – a story that is just beginning. This report is intended to spark discussion and engage you, the reader in the next developments in the plot.

Are you looking for a volunteer with a specific skill? Be clear about how they can help and get creative about where and how you share it!

Orientation and training can help new volunteers feel energized about your cause! Check out this recent blog post on Classy.org for tips on giving volunteers the tools they need to suceed.

Keeping your audience actively engaged on social media takes time and dedication. To make it easier, check out this great blog post that gives you 12 Ways to Jazz Up Your Facebook page.

Download this free volunteer engagement assessment tool and learn about new ways to amp up your volunteer program!

Looking for a rockstar volunteer who has the skills you need for your next project? Learn why the name you give to the opportunity can make all the difference.

Want to brush up on your social media skills? Check out this free toolkit designed specifically for nonprofits and charities!

When interviewing potential volunteers, how do you transform their interest into committment? Get some tips from this article on Charity Village!

Want to stay up to date on Ontario's accessibility laws? Take a look at the resources the Ontario Nonprofit Network has gathered to help nonprofits understand how to support persons with disabilities.

Hosting a community event or festival? 

The Accessibility Directorate of Ontario has published a new booklet titled, “Planning Accessible Events: So Everyone Feels Welcome.”  It includes information on no-cost or low-cost actions that can help reduce barriers for people with disabilities and make events more inclusive!