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Corporate Partnerships Spark Plugs

Bank of America has taken a different approach to funding community development initiatives. Rather than investing in the delivery of specific community programs, they invest in the leadership and operational capacity of the nonprofit organizations who do the work. Watch this video to see some of the amazing things they have made possible over the last 10 years.

A new report suggests corporations need to think differently about how they partner with nonprofits to gain greater social impact. Read the article here

Great tips on creating a sucessful partnership between a business and not for profit organization. Learn about how Hewlitt Packard Canada and World Wildlife Fund Canada partnered to meet their shared goal of sustainability.

Bell ‘Let’s Talk’ is a campaign that really connects what the company does with the issue they are interested in supporting. 

Habitat for Humanity Canada has an excellent guide for corporate partners called ‘Be a Partner in Something Big’. Check it out!

Although this pocket guide by the Hitachi Foundation is targeted for non-profits, it provides helpful info about the process of building corporate partnerships.

Have a look at this great CSR example between MiiR and One Day’s Wages to see how a corporate partnership can make a big difference for a cause and an organization.

Check out this tool developed by a CSR and sustainability consulting firm that can help you assess the state of your CSR strategy. Click on ‘Evaluate your CSR’

Find out how innovative corporate partnerships are moving beyond the traditional ‘giving relationship’. Charities may have something more than you think to bring to a real partnership.