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Resources for Non-Profits

Suggestions, best practices, tips, links and resources to help you become an organization your volunteers will love even more!

Resources for Non-Profits

Here you will find suggestions, best practices, tips, links and resources to help you become an organization your volunteers will love even more.  Learn more with the pages and resource library below.

Resource Library for Non-Profits

  • Follow the Frog

    A short video which shows how a nonprofit can use good storytelling to further its cause.
  • Volunteer Recognition at Ronald McDonald House

    Individual stories about volunteers at Ronald McDonald House in Toronto, who they are, how they help and the effect volunteering has on them and the people they help.
  • Building Corporate Relationships: A Toolkit for Nonprofits

    Provides a five step process by which small and medium sized nonprofits can use to help them build a corporate partnership. The toolkit has questions and checklists the organization can fill out as well as other resources that they may be helpful.
  • 4 Smart Ways Nonprofits Can Tap into Corporate Giving

    The author provides some tips for nonprofits to consider for when implementing a corporate giving plan such as preparing a value proposition and exploring non-monetary options.
  • Bell Let's Talk

    Website devoted to Let’s Talk, Bell’s mental health initiative including how to help, results and impact and how to get help and toolkits.
  • Developing Effective Nonprofit – Corporate Relationships

    Written by the chair of Bell’s Mental Health Initiative who presents her view on what makes an effective partnership between nonprofits and businesses. Understanding why a company gives as well as the need for communication and public relations are some of the things to be considered when developing a partnership.
  • A Pocket Guide for Nonprofit Leaders

    Partnerships between a nonprofit and a business can have many benefits for both parties and establishing a good partnership takes time and planning. The guide provides basic tips and questions for nonprofits to use towards building a partnership with businesses.
  • Instagram, Pinterest, and even Tinder: How small nonprofits are going beyond Facebook and Twitter

    The need to develop a social media presence has been recognized as being important to a nonprofits success. While Facebook and Twitter have been the major tools most organizations use for their social media, the author discusses how new social media platforms such as Instagram, and Pinterest can expand and add value to a nonprofit. Additional resources are provided at the end of the article.
  • The Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement

    A code for organizations to use for volunteer involvement including value and benefits, guiding principles and organizational standards
  • The Screening Handbook: Tools and Resources for the Volunteer Sector

    A guide for organizations to use to aid in the development or revision of screening policies or practices.
  • Guidelines for Writing Volunteer Job Descriptions

    A guide to writing a job description for volunteers. The need to have a job description, what should be included in it and how to write one are discussed. A link to sample job descriptions is provided.
  • Guide to Communicating with Volunteers

    Volunteer Hub has put together a collection of articles and resources by non-profit experts which discuss ways to better communicate with your volunteers including social media.
  • 2013 Volunteer Recognition Study: How do Canadian Want to be Recognized for their Volunteer Activities

    The study was conducted to learn about volunteer recognition, what are the best practices for it and what are the key drivers that lead to volunteer retention. The findings were that most volunteers want to know the impact of their work and prefer an informal recognition of their efforts. Organizations can use this information to develop more effective ways of recognizing and retaining volunteers.
  • Methods of screening potential volunteers

    Practical tips to consider when interviewing volunteer. Includes suggested questions for application forms as well as what questions to avoid when conducting an interview.
  • The Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement: An Audit Guide

    A guide for nonprofits to use to analyse their volunteer program and allow them to identify where further development is needed. The audit tool is made up of three steps and includes audit sheets with questions relating to specific areas of the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement.
  • Top 8 Ways to Show Volunteer Appreciation

    Eight ways an organization can acknowledge their volunteers and say thank you.
  • Volunteer Recognition: Good and Cheap

    The author cites Volunteer Canada`s 2013 Volunteer Recognition Study which states that 80% of volunteers want to know that their work has made a difference. With this information, the author stresses the need for volunteer recognition which does not need to be expensive and can be ongoing throughout the year.
  • Volunteer Appreciation Guide: (Ideas from A to Z)

    Gift ideas and suggestions on how to show your appreciation for your volunteers from writing a personal thank you to putting together goodie bags.
  • Growing a Social Media Strategy for NYC’s Central Park

    Using the Central Park Conservancy as an example, the article outlines a number of steps that nonprofits can use to create a strong social media presence allowing them to build and expand awareness for their organization.
  • Pillar Launches DiverseCity onBoard

    A program of Pillar Nonprofit Network, DiverseCity onBoard helps nonprofit and charitable organizations diversify their organizations at the leadership level. Besides an online course in governance training, DiverseCity onboard has a board matching service for individuals and organizations that connects under-represented groups and communities with volunteer board positions.
Our volunteer Catherine is bringing her love of reading to patients at St. Joe's

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Catherine Gareau had been a research librarian for over 25 years when she suffered a stroke that left...

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