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Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto

We innovate bold solutions to complex care challenges, and drive system change to advance the quality of care for older adults living with frailty. We support a network of 135 specialized geriatric service teams across 23 organizations: These specialized services are provided by interprofessional teams of highly skilled health professionals in a variety of settings. We provide system-level coordination, develop service standards, and manage performance, while continuously innovating to transform the way services are delivered. We drive health system change: We collaborate with health service providers, older adults, caregivers, and system partners such as the RGPs of Ontario, The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, The Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility, and the City of Toronto to advocate for health system change that reflects the unique needs of older adults living with frailty. We build capacity for Senior Friendly Care: We provide resources and support for health service providers across the continuum of care to implement the Senior Friendly CareTM framework. We also create key resources to enhance the capacity of older adults and caregivers to care for themselves.