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People Against Littering

We are People Against Littering (P.A.L.), a non-profit/non-charity and a very proactive citizens grassroots movement. We are a community focus, volunteer driven movement which, through its events, nurtures a clean city and healthy lifestyle for our members and their families and the City as a whole. We have been diligently cleaning up Brampton since May 14, 2020. Our members have cleaned up more than ten tons of trash and picked up over half a million pieces of litter. We meticulously clean up Brampton's parks, waterways, and streets. We are relentless! As far as we can see there is no other more active cleanup group/movement anywhere. We have been told that we have accomplished more than previous heavily funded municipal anti-littering campaigns. We're currently in the midst of a major turning point as a movement. Originally, PAL started out as a group of friends and colleagues organizing cleanups on a weekly basis. Since then, however, our team has recognized the potential value and growth of a region-wide (and beyond!) movement to promote both the active cleaning-up of the environment and a broader change in lifestyle. We're looking for passionate leaders and visionaries to join our executive team as we take our movement to the next level.