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Fabiha Nazat

Youthopeian is a platform where the youth of this current generation work with hope towards creating a better society. We lay a special emphasis on the environment and technology - two components of the future. We provide lessons on the environment and technology and are trying to help those in need through education. We aim to create a community comprising of the youth to bring about changes in the society. We plan on providing : ​ ➣Lessons on the environment and technology. ​ ➣Online tutoring for underprivileged children to learn English as English is a universal language that is very important in the current society. ​ ➣Stem panels and webinars for teens to gain better insight on various professions. ​ ➣Weekly blogs related to the pressing issues in our society. ​ ➣MUNs for the youth to share their perspectives on global issues. ​ ➣Competitions including various topics such as visual art, creative writing, multimedia and performing arts and hackathons. ​ ➣Game nights where teens have a fun time after a hectic week ​


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