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Evoke Creatives

Evoke Creatives is a social enterprise in Tkaronto (Toronto) formed at the intersection of music and the environmental movement. We were created with the knowledge that music and artists can be vehicles for change. Our mission is to bring more racialized youth to the frontlines of the environmental movement in Canada. Evoke recognizes the disproportionate impacts of climate change and environmental issues on racialized communities in the Greater Toronto Area. The relational intricacies between social issues and environmental racism are often overlooked. As a result, Evoke works towards bringing these two knowledge silos together using music as the communicative medium. We aim to build the environmental literacy of young artists and elevate their voices in the environmental space. For the Summer 2019 season, Evoke Creatives has partnered with TDOTFEST and One Love Music Festival T.O. to reduce their environmental footprints and engage guests in sustainable music festival experiences. 


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