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The Centre for Education and Training

EmpowHer & Youth Lead ​The Centre of Education and Training (TCET) offers two youth programs that I currently oversee; Our programs predominately focus on two features that address the barriers that many youth and newcomers experience such as the lack of Canadian/work experience, confidence, and the challenges presented for those that struggle to find their positionality within Peel Region. Our program tackles these barriers and more by providing the following: Workshops: Some of the workshops that our programs offer are employment preparation, graphic design, networking opportunities, financial literacy, government structure and civic engagement- this workshop is unique because in the past we have asked MPs, MPPs, and city councillors to facilitate government workshops for our participants. Additionally, we've been fortunate to receive sponsorship by RBC that has allowed us to expand our workshops by integrating digital literacy training, participants who register for the EmpowHer program will receive a certification from Google once they have completed their training. These workshops are intended for participants to develop salient skills needed for today's Canadian labour market, it also intended for youth to continue to build and own their confidence by allowing them to learn something new! All workshops are free and are currently being hosted online. Civic engagement opportunities: We believe that community building is vital for growth but it also solidifies relationships with our local businesses/organizations and most importantly with our politicians. A strong community enables political engagement. Additionally, participants are also encouraged to view volunteerism as an opportunity to gain the necessary experience that they may otherwise lack. Our participants can utilize the skills they learned in the workshop and use it to support local businesses/organizations.