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Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre (BBNC)

Our Value: Respect: We believe that every person has the right to be met with compassion, accepted in a non-judgmental way, and treated with respect and dignity. Diversity: We embrace diversity in all of its forms, in our clients, agency and community, and support non-discriminatory policies and practices. Inclusivity: We actively seek ways to welcome all members of our community and ensure they have the opportunity to participate in meaningful ways. Building Capacity: We nurture the development of individual and community capacity by offering programs and services that enhance independence and build upon abilities. Equitable Access: We commit to removing barriers that restrict individuals and groups from accessing services and participating in our programs. Collaboration: We believe that each of us is enriched when we are able to work collaboratively with one another to share experiences, perspectives, information, knowledge and supports. Integrity: We employ honesty and ethical decision-making practices in all that we do. Accountability: We recognize that our community has entrusted us with an important responsibility, so we take care to be responsible and accountable for the management of our agency within available resources.


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