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Volunteer Standing Partners for Wheelchair Ballroom Dancers

    Toronto and York Region, ON


WHEEL DANCE is a federally incorporated Canadian non-profit that provides subsidized Wheelchair Ballroom and Latin dance classes to wheelchair uders and their able-bodied friends, family and community members. WHEEL DANCE also serves as the organizing body for Wheelchair DanceSport in Canada.

SEEKING: Able-bodied dance partners for wheelchair ballroom dance students

An engaging and fun dance series designed to introduce social and competitive Ballroom and Latin Dance to individuals with ambulatory disabilities and their able-bodied partners. Non-wheelchair using friends, family, and local community members are encouraged to participate. All ages are welcome.

We are seeking volunteers to attend classes and fill in as standing partners for wheelchair dancers who attend alone.  Opportunities for practice, performance and competition are also available to those interested.

The classes, each an hour in length, will cover the basic elements of partner dancing, with an emphasis on basic patterns, turns and timing, feeling comfortable moving across the dance floor, and having fun. Partner dancing increases coordination, strength, endurance, posture, range of motion, and confidence.

Wheelchair partner dancing provides an opportunity to meet new friends and promote understanding and communication between people with and without disabilities.

Location: York Region and GTA

Contact: wheeldance@outlook.com



To apply please email a copy of your resume to wheeldance@outlook.com



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