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Volunteer on Board of Directors

    Cobourg, ON


- Take part in Board strategic planning meetings as well as Board development activities and evaluations
- Represent the interests of all children and parents when making decisions
- Participate on one or more committees of the Board
- Provide advice and consultation to other members and the director
- Avoid any conflicts of interest
- Be an advocate for your center and child care
- A willingness to represent the organization to the community
- Attend all meetings of the Board and be prepared and ready to participate
- Follow through on tasks assigned to you
- Enact on policies and procedures that reflect the goals and objectives of the center
- Conduct any business as it may come before the Board in a professional manner
- Understand and maintain confidentiality
- Oversee the financial management of the organization
- Contribute skills, knowledge, influence and other assets
- Be informed of the issues and trends that affect the organization
- Ask questions
- Review and approve the organizations annual operating budget, interim financial reports and annual audit
- Ensure the organization is complying with all legal and regulatory requirements
- Take part in the selection, support and evaluation of the Executive Director
- Review and approve contracts and agreements for the organization
- Be involved in the center's activities, including fundraising and special events


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