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Reporter Applications

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COVID-19 notes:

  • We have relaxed criteria for posting volunteer opportunities due to the urgent need for COVID-19 Response. Volunteers are responsible for confirming the legitimacy of the group or organization(s) they are working with. Never hand over money or confidential information to groups looking for volunteers. SPARK does not vett volunteer opportunities on the site. Before agreeing to volunteer, remember to do a background check on the organization and staff you'll be working with. Ensure they are a registered nonprofit and that they are taking appropriate health and safety precautions
  • Please confirm that the organization you want to volunteer with can ensure your safety.


Here is a description of the reporter role:
Unlimited positions available under two categories: department specific and general
Department specific reporters will stay consistently writing for their section while general reporters will be assigned to a department and may work with different teams, depending on various needs

Responsibilities: In this role, you are responsible for writing assigned articles on a regular basis, in a timely manner, peer-editing others’ work, and helping with content idea generation. Other aspects of the position include conducting interviews, collecting facts, and using reliable sources to write detailed, informative, and meaningful articles.

Required skills: To excel in your role, you must have strong written and verbal skills. You must also be organized, dedicated, and work well in a team.

Who You'll be Assisting

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The View From Here

A student led initiative promoting reading and global awareness for youth.