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Personal Disaster Assistance (PDA) Responder

    St Catharines, ON
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The Personal Disaster Assistance (PDA) Team is activated to respond and provide assistance for up to the first 72 hours following a disaster. The incumbent of this position is responsible for conducting a needs assessment to determine the needs of the clients. The PDA Responder will provide, as appropriate to agreements with the local authorities, Emergency Social Services (ESS) for relief, referral services and direct assistance for recovery, as well as, works with the PDA Supervisor to plan and organize ongoing preparedness activities. They may be asked to deliver services during a large-scale emergency response in their community.


Responsibility 1. Disaster Response:
* Conduct client needs assessments to determine immediate, short and long-term needs of clients
* Provide appropriate services based on the Technical Standards and the National Disaster Assistance Guidelines
* Provide referrals to partner agencies and other community based groups
* Communicate and report on progress, as appropriate, to the PDA Supervisor
* Provide comfort to clients
* Complete necessary paperwork (i.e. Goods and Services Vouchers, Client Needs Assessments and others as appropriate)
* Communicate complex cases to PDA Supervisor for provision of appropriate case management services
* Participate in operational debriefings and provide suggestions for improvement

Responsibility 2. Preparedness Activities:
* Actively engage in team preparedness activities including emergency planning and kit preparedness
* Attend meetings as required
* Support PDA Supervisor in materials/inventory management
* Support with supplier agreements, as appropriate
* Support the PDA Supervisor in planning and organizing services
* Contributes to a healthy and safe working environment