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Mentor biologists/chemists/architects/engineers urgently needed

    Toronto, ON
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The Mentoring Partnership is urgently looking for mentors who can share their industry knowledge and experience with immigrants who work in biological sciences/chemical sciences/engineering/architecture.

What we’re looking for:

• Good industry knowledge and business experience
• At least 3 years’ professional experience in biological sciences/chemical sciences/engineering/architecture in Canada
• Active links to professional networks in your field
• Desire to connect with people from other countries and cultures
• Willingness to learn

What we ask of you
When you sign up as a mentor with The Mentoring Partnership, we pair you with someone who has immigrated to Toronto and has experience and/or training as a biologist/chemist/engineer/architect. As a mentor, you can support your mentee by:

• Giving practical advice on how to navigate a job search as a biologist/chemist/engineer/architect in Toronto
• Helping them tailor their LinkedIn profile and CV for biological sciences/chemical sciences companies /engineering/architecture firms in Canada
• Helping them practice their interview skills
• Supporting them to grow their professional networks, connecting them to your own contacts where appropriate

What you get in return
• An orientation session to start you off on the right foot
• Your own coach to guide you through each step of the mentoring process
• Access to online Professional Development to help you support your mentee effectively
• The chance to build your own coaching skills and develop as a leader
• But above all, the chance to give back to your professional community. The Mentoring Partnership has a high success rate, with 75% of mentees gaining meaningful employment within 12 months of taking part. Mentors tell us that the feeling they get when their mentees tell them they’ve found a job is really meaningful. Would you like to make a difference in this way?

Volunteer commitment
One partnership = 24 hours over four months.

Register at www.thementoringpartnership.com/

Who You'll be Assisting

Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)

Develop and champion solutions for immigrant integration in the Greater Toronto Region labour market