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Fundraising Event Manager

    Toronto, ON


The Job:

Global Peace Network, a Canadian registered charity, is seeking a volunteer fundraising event manager to support its program, 'Pos+Abilities.' Please visit our web site, posabilities.org, to ensure that you have a good understanding of this unique program. The successful candidate will work with our board of directors to establish a calendar of fundraising events for the year. To begin with, this will involve building on past practices to coordinate members and events in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton and Vancouver. You will examine past budgets and fundraising targets, venues and events to sustain and improve our fundraising practices. Once you are comfortable in this role, you may choose to expand our roster of events.

Your Commitment:

All Canadian staff are volunteers who work remotely. However, we meet regularly, either on line or in person, to exchange ideas and support each other. You should anticipate monthly meetings (online, in person or by phone) with the director who is appointed as your manager. No travel is required. You should also anticipate donating approximately half a day of your time each week outside of events, and then as much time as needed in the week or so leading up to events.

Your Knowledge and Skills:

In this position, it is not anticipated that you will be involved in grant writing, which is a separate portfolio, nor in directly soliciting donations. You will focus specifically on event management and so will need good 'soft' skills in working with people, but will also have the analytical skills to see projects through from start to finish. You will be solutions-oriented and you will have personal enthusiasm for making the world a better place.

Start Date:

We have a roster of interesting and enjoyable events planned for this fall, and we are eager to have you begin work immediately so that we are well prepared and successful.




This is a volunteer position in support of Global Peace Network's 'Pos+Abilities' program, which aims to enhance the provision of musculoskeletal rehabilitation in Tanzania. We are working to achieve this through direct clinical care and through the education of local practitioners. When applying for this position, kindly indicate why you are attracted to working for Global Peace Network and our Pos+Abilities program. Why is this a good fit for you? Additionally, kindly submit an up-to-date resume, including 2 references whom we may contact, to shannon@globalpeacenetwork.ca.