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Fundraising Committee Chair

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COVID-19 notes:

  • We have relaxed criteria for posting volunteer opportunities due to the urgent need for COVID-19 Response. Volunteers are responsible for confirming the legitimacy of the group or organization(s) they are working with. Never hand over money or confidential information to groups looking for volunteers. SPARK does not vett volunteer opportunities on the site. Before agreeing to volunteer, remember to do a background check on the organization and staff you'll be working with. Ensure they are a registered nonprofit and that they are taking appropriate health and safety precautions
  • Please confirm that the organization you want to volunteer with can ensure your safety.


1. Lead the development and implementation of the organization’s Fundraising Strategy
2. Work closely with the organization’s Volunteer Coordinator to appropriately build out the committee with volunteer members
3. Identify and implement methods to raise funds for our organization (e.g. via events, grants, individual, corporate & foundation donors); track and document success of these efforts
4. Motivate, support and assist committee members with their roles
5. Oversee the logistics of the committee’s operations and work, including assigning tasks and running meetings
6. Monitor fundraising efforts to be sure that ethical practices are in place, that donors are acknowledged appropriately, and that fundraising efforts are cost-effective
7. Work closely with the Marketing/PR Committee Chair to create marketing materials and communications to promote fundraising initiatives
8. Initiate and lead the committee’s annual evaluation
9. Work closely with the Executive Director and other staff to support fundraising initiatives as their availability permits
10. Report to the Board of Directors on the committee’s work and recommendations
11. Increase awareness of organization’s work, goals, and financial needs, including within own networks whenever possible
12. Minimum 1-year commitment required


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