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FoodFit Program Volunteer

    Wasaga Beach, ON
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FoodFit is a 12-week program that combines fun, hands-on cooking sessions and food-based activities with take-home recipes, easy-to-understand nutrition information, group exercise, shared meals, self-directed individual and group goal-setting, and reflection and feedback loops that monitor and reinforce individual and group progress. The ideal volunteer should be comfortable working in a busy kitchen, have some previous exposure to food skills programming and food safety, and have excellent motivational skills. They should be able to commit to the 12 weeks of the program working with the same FoodFit team each week. The volunteer should respect people's privacy and lived experience and hold no prejudices towards people of different socio-economic backgrounds or cultures from their own. Duties include:

Assisting the facilitator in setting up the kitchen and program space each week

Assist the facilitator in preparing a healthy snack for the FoodFit team each week

Working with participants in the kitchen: providing assistance reading recipes/converting measurements, supervising food safety and hygiene, supervising knife handling and kitchen safety practices, encouraging all participants to get involved in cooking/preparing food, create a model healthy plate for each week s meals, etc.

Assisting the facilitator and participants in kitchen clean up and encouraging all participants to share the load

Participate in a 30 minute walk and encourage all participants to get moving each week

Follow all instructions from the FoodFit facilitator and be ready to pitch in

Motivate participants to achieve success in the program and lead by example

May be asked to assist participants in completing pre- and end-program questionnaires (e.g. interviewing participants and recording their answers for them if they have writing/language barriers) or assisting with program participant intakes (measuring waist/height, flexibility tests, blood pressure, pulse/heart rate)


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