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Emergency Response Team (ERT) Responder

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The Emergency Response Team (ERT) is activated for responses that exceed Personal Disaster Assistance (PDA) capacity. The incumbent of this position will be assigned to deliver a specific service on site during a response, however, must know how to deliver all services at the ERT level. During non-response times, the ERT Responder may resume duties as a PDA Responder.


Responsibility 1. Disaster Response:
* Assist in the set up, running and/or closing of a service within a reception centre, shelter or other site as directed by the ERT Supervisor
* Conduct client needs assessment to determine immediate, short and long-term needs of clients, as appropriate
* Provide appropriate services as assigned, based on the Technical Standards and the National Disaster Assistance Guidelines
* Communicate and report on progress, as appropriate, to the ERT Supervisor
* Provide comfort to clients
* Provide referrals to partner agencies and other community based groups
* Complete necessary paperwork (i.e. Goods and Services Vouchers, Registration & Inquiry cards, daily statistics, activity logs, etc.)
* Participate in the debriefing and review of the delivery of the assigned services

Responsibility 2. Preparedness Activities:
* Actively engage in team preparedness activities including emergency planning and kit preparedness;
* Attend meetings as required
* Support ERT Supervisor in materials/inventory management, as needed
* Support with supplier agreements, as appropriate
* Support the ERT Supervisor in planning and organizing services