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People Against Littering

We are People Against Littering (P.A.L.), a non-profit/non-charity and a very proactive citizens grassroots movement. We are a community focus, volunteer driven movement which, through its events, nurtures a clean city and healthy lifestyle for our members and their families and the City as a whole. Our Philosophy is to create a positive and collaborative learning environment that allows everyone to be involved in a fundamental act of community service, which also brings with it the fantastic opportunity to learn about the importance of a clean and healthy environment for people, communities, and societies. We have been diligently cleaning up Brampton since May 14, 2020. Our members have cleaned up more than ten tons of trash and picked up over half a million pieces of litter. We meticulously clean up Brampton's parks, waterways, and streets. We are relentless! As far as we can see there is no other more active cleanup group/movement anywhere. We have been told that we have accomplished more than previous heavily funded municipal anti-littering campaigns. We're currently in the midst of a major turning point as a movement. Originally, PAL started out as a group of friends and colleagues organizing cleanups on a weekly basis. Since then, however, our team has recognized the potential value and growth of a region-wide (and beyond!) movement to promote both the active cleaning-up of the environment and a broader change in lifestyle. We're looking for passionate leaders and visionaries to join our executive team as we take our movement to the next level.


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