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Executive and general member team applications!

  • Brampton, ON
    avr 26 - mai 30, 2021


For Executive members the positions are:
- Director of the digital content team x1
Make sure that the general members are doing proper research and finding the content that they think is right. if there is any special event/day coming up then inform the team a week before
- Director of the design team x1
Creates an organized post format for the general members to use that format on canva, makes sure that they are doing the post and videos, and pictures are edited well, and design the website
- Director of the outreach team x1
Manages the ambassadors, makes sure that everyone is doing their tasks, and finds ways to market them, writes down the progress on a spreadsheet.
- Event director x3
Plan events and find new ideas for what we can do next to help with global issues and judge some events if needed.

Here are the positions open for general members
- General member of the digital content team
Makes the content for the post or the task assigned
- General member of the design team
Design the post and other content given
- Ambassadors
They reach out and share our posts.

To apply please fill out the google form on our Instagram (thechange.on) in our bio!

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