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Virtual Volunteer Opportunities for Innovative, Driven and Compassionate Millennials and Gen Z

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Join a developing volunteer environment that is part Virtual Public Health Unit, part Public Service and Part Start-Up. Value-driven and progressive culture. Opportunity to both grow and develop your skill sets while also giving back in a meaningful capacity during a global pandemic.

Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfLRoadbEmlaRrp90GWFRxsQGCDtLwa...

We are always actively seeking new volunteers who want to contribute to this project!

Core Team: Associates - 4 - 6 hours/week. There are several oppertunities for growth within the project in strategic leadership and management (ranging from 6-8hrs/wk to 10-14hrs/wk)

We have over 80 core team members in a variety of portfolios.

We have built a collaborative, considerate and innovative work culture and can offer you an opportunity to make a difference.
If you have an interest or educational or professional experience in any of the following areas please apply!

By joining our team, you’ll gain experience working in a virtual setting within a startup and be able to contribute meaningfully during the pandemic.

Currently Hiring:
- Research Associates
- Policy and Governance Associates
- Creative Engagement Associates (content creation)
- Admin Associates
- Social Media Analytics Associates
- Communication Associates
- Business Strategy Associates

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Harnessing the combined potential of volunteerism and social media to share credible, concise and Canadian information on COVID-19.