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Fundraiser Campaign Volunteer

  • Opportunité virtuelle


Earn more than 40 hours towards your high school diploma signed by the Canadian Cancer Society. Join us in the fight for cancer!

Click this link to sign up: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf8z429-IHvapQ6xZF7Pj_6RtatJYJQ...


- Anybody attending high school (volunteer hours are provided from the Canadian Cancer
- Has access to the internet and is able to attend the virtual meetings

Positions and Responsibilities:


- Attend all virtual meetings held approximately twice a month
- Share all promotional content on social media pages
- Contact people to collect donations
- Help recruit more volunteers

Content Creators/Marketers

- Create promotional posters, videos or artwork
- Make submissions to the monthly challenges (dance and music videos)
- Attending meetings is optional

Event Planner

- Responsible for monitoring deadlines, goals and volunteer attendance
- Helping to plan the final virtual event in March 2021 and keep track of submissions
- Attend all planning committee meetings held approximately twice a month

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Salangai En Sangeetham's Fight for Cancer

A fundraising campaign to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.