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Make Music Matter

About Make Music Matter Make Music Matter started with a song to sensitize youth in Rwanda about HIV/AIDS; and it became so much more. Through a partnership with the Panzi Hospital & Foundation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, founded by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Denis Mukwege, the Healing in Harmony program was formed. The program uses local and culturally appropriate psychosocial models to address the anxiety, depression, and PTSD that result from experiencing trauma. Working in tandem with a trained therapist and music producer, participants begin the healing process by writing, recording, and professionally producing songs about their emotions and experiences; simultaneously engaging in therapy and developing their own musical artistry. The result is that participants emerge as confident artists and advocates who are empowered to publicly disseminate their music through local radio, television broadcasts, online streaming, social media, community concerts, and CD distribution - thus reducing stigma about sexual violence, HIV/AIDS, addictions, poverty, mental illness, displacement and more. To see more - https://vimeo.com/320773302 We work in eight countries in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Canada. Our target groups include survivors of sexual violence, people living in poverty and conflict, youth at risk, refugee children with disabilities, and generally any vulnerable people who are dealing with the effects of traumatic experiences.


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