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Medical Supply Volunteers- Markham

  • Markham, ON


A huge amount of medical supplies get thrown away in Toronto every day. We believe this is wrong when people around the world suffer from a lack of access to these supplies. Not Just Tourists addresses this problem by collecting surplus medical supplies, packing them into suitcases and sending it to remote non-profit clinics around the world. Not Just Tourists Toronto has sent over 900,000 lbs of medical supplies/equipment to Cuba, Honduras, Syria, Kenya, Cameroon and 80 other countries. 

NJT is inclusive, non religious nor politically affiliated, and we do not fund raise or have any paid staff. Come join our team of amazing, dedicated volunteers who are making a difference! 

As a MEDICAL SUPPLY VOLUNTEER, you will join our packing parties and use your medical expertise to ensure that we pack usable kits for in-need clinics around the world.

Additional volunteer opportunities include:

    • Picking up donations of supplies and suitcases
    • Sorting supplies 
    • Packing suitcases
    • Greeting travellers collecting suitcases
    • Speaking to groups
    • Delivering outreach materials
    • Writing communications materials
    • Taking a suitcase of supplies on your next vacation!

There is a task that suits your time and talents. Volunteers do not need to be medically trained. Sorting and packing the medical supplies is done under the supervision of medically trained volunteers. 

The position is ideal for:

1) Medical/Nursing Students
2) Working professionals who can volunteer in the evenings/on weekends
3) Retired/Senior volunteers
4) International Development Students 

Minimum Commitment: None

For more information, visit us online:

The Facebook page is updated regularly with photos and stories from our volunteers and clinics across the world.

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Location: 240 Roncesvalles Ave - Roncesvalles United Church (in the basement)