Souhaitez-vous aider à accueillir en Ontario les réfugiés fuyant le conflit syrien? Cliquez ici.

Volunteer Crew

  • Toronto, ON
    Août 10 - 19, 2019


PWA's Friend For Life Bike Rally takes place starting on August 11, 2019. This year the event offers a 1-day ride option (110 km) between Toronto and Port Hope, a 3-day ride option (313 km) between Kingston and Montreal and a 6-day ride option (600 km) between Toronto and Montreal. The Bike Rally is the sustaining fundraiser for Toronto PWA, in support of those living with HIV/AIDS. Applications are open for volunteer positions on our crew. Apply today! Considering volunteering this year? Here s what our crews say about moving over 300 people from Toronto to Montréal, and about the memories you will create during this incredible volunteer experience. On the ride, you ll be shoulder-to-shoulder with your team, performing your duties and problem solving. Before departure, you ll be equipped with the right tools and training so that you can perform your responsibilities well. An experienced Team Leader will guide you every step of the way. Your resilience and hard work will propel the Bike Rally forward towards Montréal. The Bike Rally is an opportunity to be part of something special. Meet hundreds of riders and crew members, all while supporting the larger cause: helping our friends and families living with HIV/AIDS. You ll learn more about the work that PWA does and the clients it serves. As the Bike Rally comes to an end, you ll find yourself signing up to volunteer again. While crew responsibilities vary in skill and physicality, every job is crucial to the success of the event. There s something for everyone road support, Rubbermaid rustlers, wellness, and food. Learn more about each crew committee and apply today to find out why so many members of our crew become friends for life.