Souhaitez-vous aider à accueillir en Ontario les réfugiés fuyant le conflit syrien? Cliquez ici.


  • Toronto, ON


Fundraiser:  We are looking for someone with experience and previous skills in fundraising to help us raise funds.  It's a bit tricky with us as we have no money that we can put into this.  We are a small non-profit that exists off of grants and donations so there are no funds allotted to fundraising itself.  On top of that, we are in a relatively poor area where people don't always have money to give.  This is why we are looking for someone with past experience to help us. 

If you think you have these kinds of skills to take on this kind of challenge please do email us.  We are fundraising for a seniors and disabled group so there is only so much they can do as well. 

Please apply by sending your resume and what position you are applying for (sometimes we have more than one position) to our email at